How I work

Homeopathy gently reminds your body, mind and spirit how to heal.

I’m a trained listener. Homeopathy is a catalyst. YOU are the healer.

Your symptoms serve as the voice of your vital force in reaction to the disease. As a Homeopath I listen carefully to your symptoms in order to find what your vital force needs.

For ACUTE illnesses…

Acute issues are self-limiting, and include colds, flus, sniffles, sprains, bruises, coughs, diarrhea, tummy aches, etc. These conditions require only a brief consultation — usually about 20 minutes  — during which I’ll consider a short list of symptoms, and usually recommend a remedy on the spot or on the same day.

For CHRONIC issues…

My job is to match the totality of YOU — your symptoms, your physical, mental and emotional complaints, your dreams and aspirations, and all the aspects that make you unique — with one of the 2,000+ homeopathic remedies that is similar. Hence there are several steps… 

1) The Initial interview lasting 90-120 minutes.
The initial interview is an extended conversation, similar to counseling, during which I may ask you many questions regarding…

  • your current health, mental and emotional state
  • your dreams, fears and phobias
  • when any problems began
  • what makes the symptoms better or worse
  • whether you run hot or cold, thirsty or thirstless, fatigued or energetic
  • the time of day your symptoms get worse or get better
  • your food likes and dislikes, and aversions
  • any symptoms which are highly unique (we love the strange, rare and peculiar!)
  • family health history

During a homeopathic consultation there is no disrobing, no hands-on treatment and there is no dispensing of medications.

2) The remedy recommendation
Within a few days of your initial consultation, I will make a remedy recommendation, which will include where to buy the remedy and how to take it. In some cases, I will recommend taking a remedy daily. In other cases, you will take it one time only.

3) Follow ups
Homeopathic care requires meticulous follow ups. I want to check in with you a few days after you’ve taken the remedy; then followup about 4 weeks later. Ideally there will be two full followups to be sure that the correct remedy and potency was chosen.

Find out if homeopathy is the right modality for you and your family.

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